BliXX allows seekers to expand consciousness, using sexuality as a pathway

Sexual energy (AKA Kundalini or Chi or Life Force) isn't purely about the sex centre: it's what brings us on this planet, it sits at the base of our power, and it is the source of our creativity and our vitality.


Our cultural and religious background, our family imprints and childhood traumas, our lifestyle and any other aspect of who we are, will reflect in our unique sexual expression. It is only by observing our patterns in intimate encounters, or going into sexual interactions consciously, that healing and self-growth can emerge.


We bring consciousness, sacredness and sexuality into the same ritualized and safe space with the intention of becoming more integrated beings. This comes with huge benefits, such as increased strength and personal power, and healthier, more intimate relationships through the expansion of love for one’s self and for others.



Sexuality is not merely about pleasure. It is about intimacy, vulnerability, healing and connection to body, mind and spirit of ourselves an the other(s). It is about mastering our ‘chi’ or life force, moving it through our bodies and, ultimately, transmutting it into refined energy for manifestation purposes.


Furthermore, sexuality is about reading the energy of the person we have in front and know how to polarise this energy in order to create harmony, to dominate a situation or to create sexual attraction.



Beatriz and Ariane have both been on the path of self-development and spirituality since more than ten years, each individually exploring classic and neo-tantra, yoga, massage, movement, breath-work and BDSM. 

Their strong background in economics & management coupled with their respective experiences in corporate life as high-performers in leading international companies in Dubai and Singapore have equipped them with an extraordinary balance of magic and pragmatism as well as an strong understanding of different types of personalities and differing needs between yogis and CEOs.

From all the personal development workshops, retreats and trainings they have experienced and participated in over the years, it has been conscious sex parties that have had the most profound and significant impact. 

Why? Things  get 'real' in such spaces. Conscious power exchanges, communication around consent, boundaries and desires, management of rejections or the establishment of vulnerable connections, are no longer workshop-related concepts but, instead, real life situations that push us towards integration and embodiment. 


We, Ariane and Beatriz met on a tantric temple weekend in Berlin in June 2018. It was, to use a cliché, love at first sight: we were both in search for a ‘partner in crime’ with whom we could create an improved version of a temple party, where not just ‘soft’ and ‘tender’ is welcomed, but also ‘dark’ and ‘forbidden’, which is explored in a ritualistic, safe and conscious container. 

We felt the synergy of our complementary energies and skills, and realized that a manifestation was about to happen. Just a few weeks later, the first conscious kink xperience took place, our maiden BliXX Journey that we celebrated in our Sacred Dungeon in Berlin. 


Our offerings started to expand and evolve - BliXX Journeys in silence, BliXX Journeys for female identified beings only, workshops in conscious kink, blindfolded sensual journeys, conscious kink retreats and private domination services for VIP's started to become a reality and, crucially, a success.

Our locations expanded as well. We moved to the tropics, which has enabled us to raise the temperature (in every sense) and the level of consciousness with our never-seen-before xperiences.

Right now, we spend winters in Thailand and summers in Europe. Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Koh Phangan have been, till now, our play spots.


Once our BliXXstars began to share with others the highlighted xperiences they enjoyed, we started to get invitations to share our work in remarked conscious sexuality festivals and opportunities to run our journeys, workshops and private sessions in the main capitals of Europe. 

In truth, it cannot be any other way - we are aligned with our purpose and committed to each other and to a cause much bigger than ourselves: TO HELP PEOPLE TO TRANSFORM SHAME AND DOMESTICATION INTO WILDERNESS, FREEDOM, AUTHENTICITY, LOVE AND POWER.



We are all manifestations of the Divine Consciousness, and therefore perfect and sacred. Our space welcomes all that we are.

All forms of expressions, emotions and desires are embodied, visible and celebrated as soon as they are consensual.


We transform our judgments into an opportunity for self-inquiry by asking us if this sacred expression is triggering us because we have not yet realised this part in ourselves, or whether this judgment comes from a space of jealousy or trauma.


We learn to embrace reality as it is.



We create a field of self-empowered and self-responsable beings. We encourage people to take care of themselves and ask for whatever they need.

This creates a space for you to grow in your responsability and, ultimately, to take charge of your unique power.



We use the power of our words to express desires, state boundaries and find consent for intimate encounters.


Everything consensual is permitted in the space so everybody feels seen, respected and safe to sexplore.



We use community as a mirror to see our triggers, to witness other possibilities of sexpression, to ask for what we need as a tribe and to be seen in the truth of who we are which comes with an integration of previously disowned parts of ourselves.