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BliXX Conscious Kink Community Empowerment Circle

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BliXX Conscious Kink Community Empowerment Circle

Time & Location

Dec 27, 2020, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM GMT+1

About the xperience

Welcome to… ♡ BliXX Conscious Kink Community Empowerment Circle♡

The intention for this pioneer xperience is to come together as a community, to share and embody our present emotions and to use conscious kink play for personal growth.

We really want to connect and feel our community so we have decided to make this event DONATION based.

This space invites singles, couples and constellations from all genders and s.xual orientations.


What is Conscious Kink Community Empowerment Circle? We come together as beings, as lovers, as kinksters, as humans, as whatever is alive in us right now, in a sacred virtual circle to be witnessed and held in community. Each of us (following some agreements as usual ;-)) has the opportunity to step in the circle. You choose what to do with your time and the undivided attention from the community.

You have three options:


This is your turn to speak up, to express what is alive in you and what is happening in you while being witnessed and energetically held by the community. Because we stand for embodiment, after the verbal expression we dedicate some time to the expression through the body.


You can also use your turn, to guide the room into a conscious kink xperience. You take the role of the Dom, and you can use it to share your juiciness with the group. Everyone else listens to their own desires and boundaries how much they want to follow and act within their own consent.


In BliXX everything is an invitation; you can also decline your turn and only come to hang out and witness.


BliXX is a conscious kink community. S.xuality is what drives us and brings us alive, our life force. Together we explore this energy within us in a sacred, safe and yet free and open container.

Our intention is to use S.XUALITY AS A VEHICLE FOR PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH. We explore together our growth potentials, open our hearts and integrate our shadows so can we become more whole.

We s.xperiment with various s.xual expressions (NEOTANTRA, BDSM, SHIBARI, other Kinks) with the invitation to explore our full spectrum of light & darkness, with an open heart. This entails complete presence with our physical sensations, emotions, and energies.

We identify our desires and boundaries and express them from a place of love and fullness. With the knowing that all of us is welcome in the space as soon as the INTERACTIONS ARE CONSENSUAL. We use community as a mirror and we support each other in the integration of our truth.


▸ For beings interested on using s.xuality as a vehicle for personal and spiritual development.

▸ For all genders and s.xual orientations.

▸ For those with tantra experience who want to explore 'darker' aspect and/or take energy polarity to the next level.

▸ For couples who want to learn new skills to spice up their intimacy (stay with your partner) or seek a safe(r) container for opening up in encounters with others.

▸ For all are ready to experiment and cocreation of magic.

▸ For those who want to be part of an amazing like-minded community, our juicy BliXXstars.


▸ For those who have not knowledge or intention to respect consent.


1.- Intention: We agree to keep our focus on practice of community, intimacy, wellness & growth through sensuality & sexuality within this group.

2.- Confidentiality: We agree to keep everything that happens within the group confidential, and to avoid discussing any happenings outside the group in any way that could identify other members.

3.- Respect for ourselves and others: We agree to respect the practices & boundaries of each specific participant as well as our own limits and boundaries

4.- Consent: Everything in the space is an invitation. We ask you to listen and tune in and act in your own desires and boundaries. It is a sex positive space with restrictions:

- when one participant decides to share feelings and be witnessed, we offer loving holding of this person, no sexual touch at one self during a sharing.

- no sexual touch when you step in the circle

- for the “dominate the group option” you can propose whatever you like including sexual touch and each participant can decide how far they want to go.

Private chat functions will be disabled to protect potential harrasment and all conversations must be in the public chat.

5.- Inclusion and celebration of diversity: We agree to maintain an inclusive space, where all races, cultures, genders, sexual preferences, ages, and relationship structures are respected and celebrated.

6.- Moderation: Comments and room will be supervised and monitored by BliXX team to ensure safety and rules compliance. We deserve the right to remove from the space anyone who doesn't comply and threatens participants safety.

7.- Cameras need to be turned on at all times.

8.- BliXX team won't record any part of the event.

9.- Zoom privacy policies apply.

10.- No arrivals after 17:30. We open and close this circle together, to create a ritualistic and tribal xperience. Thank you for respecting this!


This is your time to shine. Wear your God/dess dress. Get out your handcuffs, harness or kinky outfit. Whatever you want. Be creative. Be naked. Be juicy. Be You.

▸ Bring toys, fetishes and anything you are curious to s.xplore.

▸ Nudity is optional and totally at your own discernment.


Zoom Video Conference


To ensure that only amazing beings who are ready for this field are taking part we want to get to know you first.

☞ Registration process:

Step 1: Read carefully ALL the xperience description

Step 2: If it resonates, please get your ticket via the ticket link.

Step 3: Fill out the questionnaire for participation

Step 4: Receive confirmation email and more details to the event

☞ We highly appreciate donations to

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