Tue, Feb 04 | Koh Phangan, Thailand

Sacred Impact Play -BliXX Journey 3Days

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Sacred Impact Play -BliXX Journey 3Days

Time & Location

Feb 04, 2020, 4:00 PM – Feb 07, 2020, 1:30 AM
Koh Phangan, Thailand, Maduwan, Koh Phangan, Thailand

About the xperience

♪ Do you seek a safe and sacred container to explore your sexuality and refine the ways of how you relate to yourself and others?

♫ A Sacred Dungeon to learn new techniques and sexplore your fantasies? 

♩Are you longing for a tribe who is accepting and celebrating you exactly as you are? 

♬ A place where you have full permission to be, and from there, raise in love and intimacy? 

Welcome to... 

♡ BliXX Journey 3Days – A Pioneering Conscious Kink Xperience ♡ 

Sexuality is what drives us and brings us alive, our life force. Together we explore this force within us in a sacred, safe and yet wild and open container. 

Our intention is to use SEXUALITY AS A VEHICLE FOR PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH. We will explore together our growth potentials, open our hearts and integrate our shadows so we become more whole. 

We will sexperiment various sexual expressions (NEOTANTRA, BDSM, SHIBARI, other Kinks) with the invitation to explore our full spectrum of light & darkness, with an open heart. This entails complete presence with our physical sensations, emotions, and energies. 

We will learn how to identify our desires and boundaries and express them from a place of love and fullness. With the knowing that all of us is welcome in the space as soon as the INTERACTIONS ARE CONSENSUAL. We use community as a mirror and we support each other in the integration of our truth. 

Sexual empowerment is holistic and affects all areas of life. It results in healthier, happier relationships, abundance and joy. 

∞ Unleash your orgasmic being and find your BliXX in this 3 days Journey into the vastness of Eros! ∞ 



Come to make an impact with your play! Impact play is a divine art and powerful sexpression. For us it is a play to discover our grey lines and shadows. A tool to take people on a deep journey: can be shamanic, transformative, ecstatic, playful or soul-shifting but for sure impacting. It demands sensitivity and precision to learn to read the edge and know how far you can go in this divine play between pleasure and pain. With the intention to reach higher states of pleasure and enter into altered states of consciousness through this play.


▸ Secluded villa in nature with bonfire and tub 

▸ Vegetarian & vegan meals and water 

▸ Conscious communication of desires, fears and boundaries - consent training: improve your communication skills, stand in the power of your words. 

▸ DIY flogger making. Create your own up-cycled flogger. Included in the package. Take your special BliXX-handmade flogger home with you as a juicy memory. 

▸ Advanced skills of impact play for body, mind and soul

▸ Free playground for authentic sexpression 

▸ Soft interactions area: cuddles, eye-gazing, meaningful conversations… 

▸ BliXXstars community which acts as support and mirror. To be witnessed is key for shadow integration. 

▸ Post- event coaching if needed. 

▸ Access to our BliXX Facebook group where we can ask questions, share our processes and feel part of a like-minded community. 

▸ Experienced and embodied facilitators to guide you through the Journey while holding a space of healing and freedom. 

▸ BliXXperts-team to support you to move through emotional triggers. 


This is a soft guide of how our time together will flow. Timing and workshops might change to serve better the participants xperience. 

Day 1: 

16:00 - 16:30 Arrivals & sacred welcoming 

16:30 - 18:00 Meditation and "dance into BliXX" 

18:00 - 19:00 Opening circle 

19:00 - 20:00 Dinner (included) 

20:00 - 22:00 Consent allows #fullpower ritualistic workshop 

Day 2: 

09:30 - 10:30 Morning sharing, forum format 

10:30 - 12:30 Flogger making from up-cycled materials 

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch (included) 

14:00 - 15:30 Dive deep into impact play (techniques, session structure, shamanic tools)

15:30 - 17:00 Be the impact, you wish to xperience in this world

17:00 - 18:30 Evening sharing, forum format 

Day 3: 

18:15 Arrivals BliXX Journey 1Day** (kinky tantra speed - dating & free flow play party) 

01:30 Departures 

** Participants who come only for the last day. 


▸ No arrivals after 16:30. We open and close this Journey together, to create a ritualistic and tribal xperience. Thank you for respecting this! 

▸ BliXX Journey 1Day (last day) is open to everybody and new juicy beings will join this xperience; hence we put it as a separate event. BliXX Journey 1Day is part of BliXX Journey 3Days and no extra charges arise. 

▸ Vegan and vegetarian dinner (day 1+3) and lunch (day 2) are included. 

▸ We provide with condoms, tissues, lube, hand sanitiser, gloves, coconut oil, ropes, spanking tools and other sex toys. It is desirable that you bring your own sexy kit as well. 

▸ Strictly no alcohol or drugs in the space. 

▸ The guest list has been made hidden for privacy. 


▸ You are the creator/ress of this xperience. Everything is an invitation, ultimately, you decide what you want to happen and how far you want to go in each and every interaction. Everything is allowed; nothing needs to happen. 

▸ Intensity level: Up to you! This xperience is a conscious container to explore all your flavours. Soft sensual massage or strong spanking...all is sacred and allowed. Stay in your comfort zone or dare to step out...your choice. 

▸ This is a co-created space by all of us so your participation and engagement are important and desirable. Hugging, eye gazing, sensual massage, dancing, witnessing without judgement…also count as “participation”. 


▸ Please bring comfy clothes you can move in. 

▸ Bring toys, fetishes and anything you are curious to sexplore. 

▸ Bring your hygiene kit: towel for the shower, sarong for massage or to put under yourself and a toothbrush. Extra things that are good to have: extra clean t-shirt, deodorant, mints for fresh breath, special condoms, lube, massage oil. 

▸ This is a (chemical) scent free event, please be mindful of not wearing strong perfume. We like it natural because it is a big decision factor to go into interactions. 

▸ Nudity and sexual interactions are optional and totally at your own discernment. 

▸ No glitter! 


▸ For beings interested on using sexuality as a vehicle for personal and spiritual development. 

▸ For all genders and sexual orientations. 

▸ For those with tantra experience who want to explore 'darker' aspect and/or take energy polarity to the next level. 

▸ For beings who perceive the traditional tantric masculine/feminine assignment too rigid and seek to break free from dogmas and gender roles. 

▸ For couples who want to learn new skills to spice up their intimacy (stay with your partner) or seek a safe(r) container for opening up in encounters with others. 

▸ For all who act from a space of fullness and not a space of neediness 

▸ For those who want to be part of an amazing like-minded community, our juicy BliXXstars. 


▸ For those who have never been to any conscious sexuality related workshop or any SOBER sex-positive events before. 

▸ For those with strong trauma around sexuality. We recommend to book private sessions to move through this. 

▸ For those looking for easy hook-ups. Our community has zero tolerance towards creepy, greedy and/or needy attitude. Any type of touch without a previous agreement on consent is a serious fault and we will ask to leave the space immediately with no refund. 


If you are keen into xperiencing BliXX Journey and you are low on cash or feel a call to support us on our mission, let's exchange! 

Please reach out to us if, 

▸ you have experience in space holding space and healing 

▸ you have a kink expertise and you want to be in service to (i.e. rigger, impact player, doms)  


For privacy reasons, our Sacred Dungeon location is kept secret and will be revealed after registration and in person interview. 


To ensure that only amazing beings who are ready for this field are taking part we want to get to know you in person. 

☞ Registration process: 

1. Come to Channa Masala restaurant in SriThanu to meet us, ask questions and fill out our participation questionnaire. 

Feb 1st: 10:00-15:00 

Feb 2nd: 10:00-15:00 

Feb 3rd: 10:00-15:00

2. Pay your fee in cash or Paypal. 

++ All payments must be done upon registration, before the xperience. Cash payments at the entrance won't be accepted ++ 

☞ Price: 


▸Male identified being: 6.500 THB 

▸Female identified being: 5.500 THB 

▸Non-binary identified being: 5.500 THB 


▸Mixed gender: 11.000 THB 

▸Female identified beings: 9.000 THB 


▸Male identified being: 6.000 THB 

▸Female identified being: 5.000 THB 

▸Non-binary identified being: 5.000 THB 

The pricing discrimination is meant to call in more female embodied beings to our xperiences and through this reaching naturally gender balanced numbers. Therefore the discrimination is purely based on offering demand and has nothing to do with gender preferences. 

❀ CONTACT ❀  Email us: to@xperienceblixx.com

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