You have questions and we have the answers to the most frequent ones

In this section you find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our conscious sexuality and Breathwork+ offerings. 

Please read through them if you have any doubt before joining one of our xperiences. 

If you don't find the answer to your question, please drop us an email. We are happy to be at your disposal and support you in finding clarity. 


What kind of people attend your xperiences?

We believe it is important to give visibility to various expressions of human sexuality. Diversity of gender, sexual tastes and skills, years of experience and age all create a space of freedom and inspiration like no other. We welcome all genders: binary, non-binary (genderqueer, genderfluid), ungendered (agender, genderless), cisgender, transgender, transsexual, bigender, polygender, demigender, novigender, butch, femmes and all others. We welcome all sexual orientations: heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, bicurios, polysexual, monosexual, allosexual, androsexual, gynosexual, questioning, asexual, demisexual, grey sexual, cishet, queer, perioriented, varioriented, heteronormative, erasure, monoamourous, polyamorous, sapiosexual and all others. However, we are elitist on the level of awareness of the participants. We read all applications thoroughly and seek personal contact with those who want to participate- this allows us to ensure that they are ready to navigate the space respectfully and harmoniously. Many (but by no means all) of our BliXXstars have explored either tantra, or the BDSM scene. All of them have one thing in common: they invest in workshops and retreats, dedicate time and money in order to become a better version of themselves.

How many play-souls attend your group xperiences?

This differs from offering to offering. We strive to keep every xperience personal and intimate, so that everybody can be seen, heard and felt by the community. Our retreats for individuals and couples have a maximum of 22 beings. For the couple retreats we work with a maximum of 4 couples.

Will there be gender balance?

Our main goal is to create a space as diverse as possible, not to sustain gender balance. However, experience has taught us that our events work more smoothly when we do sustain balance between female and male bodies. Usually, we get more applications from male identified beings and this is the reason why we have different prices so gender balance happens easier.

Is it safe to go as a single woman to your group xperiences?

If you have ever been curious about domination/submission dynamics or other kinks, this is a safe space for you to freely sexplore. Everybody in the space holds a high degree of awareness; everybody is sober; and all the interactions happen within consent (verbal agreement upon actions). We have our experienced BliXXperts team in place and at your disposal, should you need help to navigate the space or move through arising triggers. We also have BliXXstars PROs in the space providing professional sessions, if you wish to give yourself into professional hands. On a personal note, I (Beatriz) had BDSM-related fantasies since I was very young but I was unable to make them happen because of the darkness and secrecy around this world. My partners helped me with light explorations, but we were unable to go deeper because of both fear and a lack of knowledge. It felt unsafe for me to go alone to a dark dungeon, so it was not until my early 30's when I met a man with the appropiate ethics and skills necessary for me to be able to freely surrender. Essentially, we are creating the space we would have dreamed of for our sexplorations when we started. If all the above still feels too advanced, we also offer a special BliXX Journey edition - Shakti BliXX - for female identified beings only. Further, our VIP individual sessions are tailored to individual’s needs.

Do I have to have sex in the space?

Everything is welcome; nothing needs to happen. Whatever happens is purely because you consensually make it happen as the creator/creatress of your own experience. This goes for all our group xperiences. However, in our workshops there is not much time to go all the way into sexplorations - just enough to play and to get an insight into conscious kink practices.

Should I be afraid of someone overstepping my boundaries?

This is a space of self-empowerment and self-responsibility where you determine the level of intensity and intimacy you wish to bring to your encounters, while respecting your own boundaries and those of others. A ‘NO’ means ‘NO’, and, as such, it will be heard and respected. Ultimately, a ‘No’ to someone else is a ‘Yes’ to yourself. Knowing this, we encourage each participant to be true to themself by responding, “Thank you for respecting/taking care of yourself.” Furthermore, to ensure the xperiences run to their highest potential, we select people personally: we have very firm rules about consent and also we go through basic consent exercises in each of our xperiences. We have a policy and people in place. Should this ever happen, we will be notified and immediately remove the boundary-breaker from the space. However, experience show us that most of the boundaries are crossed due to our personal inability to say ‘NO’. For that, we highly encourage you to verbalise clearly your limits and to take things slowly. If any act makes you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from that interaction immediately. No explanation is required.

Do I need to be into pain to attend your conscious kink xperiences?

Absolutely not. You create your own xperience; you do not have to be spanked or roped. If you are seeking a heart-centered connection and a deep level of intimacy without exploring BDSM, you are also welcome in our xperiences. As a general rule of thumb: Everything is allowed, nothing needs to happen.

Kink sounds dark and sick to me, yet I still feel curious about it. Am I normal?

Society has tagged BDSM experiences as ‘dark’ and ‘forbidden’. However, kink is everything outside of the sexual normative. This may include pain, but doesn’t necessarily have to. It can show also as very sensual and tantric. In our view, all sexual expression are divine and sacred as a part of consciousness; nothing is abnormal so long as it is played out consensually and with love and awareness. Moreover, through kink there is a chance to really sexplore and learn about your body and psyche in a very deep way. Thus conscious kink becomes a precious tool for shadow integration and for healing. Read more about what conscious kink is here

Can I experience domination/submission dynamics without going into pain?

Domination can happen on three levels: energy, mind and body. Through any of those levels, we can access feelings and emotions, and this is the space where kink gets even more interesting. How domination is executed depends strongly on your personal preferences and desires. These can range from soft, tender and more energy domination to, at the other extreme, physical powerful limit-pushing. Again, a plea to your self-responsibility as the creator/ress of your experience: shape it to your personal taste. We grow by stretching our comfort zones and watching ourselves in brand new situations: this is the place for your sexperimentations. If you are interested in sexploring power dynamics without pain or verbal humiliation, welcome to our workshop Kinky Tantra Domination

Should I be worried about contracting Sexual Tramsitted Infections (STIs)?

All sexual encounters hold a certain risk of STIs. In BliXX, however, we provide everything for you to navigate and proceed at the highest level of safety. This includes providing condoms, gloves and plastic foil for safer oral sex. It is up to the individual to decide what degree of safety they wish to bring to the space. To be fully enlightened on this topic we created a 'SAFER SEX for body, mind and soul' e-booklet. Just sign up in our footer and it will be in your inbox.

Can I participate in your group xperiences if I have a Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI)?

Yes, you can. We have a policy of being open about our STIs and not keeping them secret, whether out of shame and cowardice or simply not understanding how they may be passed on. If you do not know whether or not you are carrying any infection (perhaps you have never been tested, or any test taken was a long time ago), we strongly recommend that you have a STI check-up before you attend any of our xperiences. The space provides all tools needed to navigate at the highest level of safety: condoms, gloves, plastic foil, sanitizers, showers, etc. The degree of safety you choose to navigate is up to you, and is your own responsibility. Get your free e-booklet by signing up in the footer on SAFER SEX 'for body, mind and soul'. If you are aware of having something, be aware of the risks and of the ways that your STI can be passed on. Navigate in a way so that you DON’T pass it on. Kink allows deep sexplorations and pleasure without fluid exchange. If you wish to take your xperience deeper with someone, be honest about it and speak it out BEFORE you engage more intimately with this person in order to give them the freedom to choose. If we find out that you have been irresponsible, we will reveal your personal details to the person infected or at risk of infection, and we will prohibit any further participation in any of our events.

What if I want to come with my partner(s) to participate in your xperiences?

Whether you are monogamous or polyamorous, whoever you wish to bring with you to share this space of deep intimacy with is welcome (we offer couple and group discounts). It is up to you whether you decide to stay only with your partner(s), or whether you wish to open up to include other people into your experience. In order to navigate harmoniously, gracefully and with ease within the space, we recommend that you have a conversation beforehand with your lover(s)/beloved. Guiding questions are: What are my individual desires, boundaries and fears? How can we respect each other and still fulfill each others’ desires? How do we communicate in the space (check-ins, permission for engagements, free flow on mutual trust)? What interaction out of your relationship are OK to have what feels too much? Is fluid exchange acceptable or not? How do we handle triggers?

Should I go to your group xperiences if I am looking for a partner?

In our events, everything is possible. Participants have birthed relationships, formed deep friendships (with and without benefits) or found inspiration for future business collaborations, all of which have arisen from vital and creative sex energy. Our first BliXX baby will be born soon, the parents found each other in a BliXX Journey. However, please remember that we act from a place of fullness, rather than of neediness. Don’t let this desire stand in your way of organically connecting to a tribe of like-minded people; to come with expectations is to set up a scenario that is most likely designated to fail.

What do I do if i get very triggered by a sexual expression in the room?

All sexpressions are sacred. If you get triggered by something, we invite you to use this as a chance for gaining more self-knowledge. First, take a breath. Feel into this trigger (or judgement) and take some space to yourself. Good self-inquiries might include: What is it that is stirring me up, and where does it express itself in my body? Is this something I don’t allow myself to play out? If so, what is holding me back? What is my underlying belief system or societal condition? With love and acceptance we embrace whatever is alive as to grow and break out of limiting beliefs and conditionings, and lovingly embrace our shadows. If you need help to process this, we and our BliXX-perts team is there to hold space for you for whatever wants to express.

Can I interact with the facilitators?

As facilitators we hold a special role and responsibility. In this place we put ourselves into service of BliXX mission and into something that is bigger than ourselves. We act and interact with you as guides, inspirations, healers, coaches and support you throughout your journey with us. If the group is uneven we jump in, to balance the group in guided exercises, however we hold non-fluid exchange boundaries in the role of participants.

Do I need to have previous experiences of that kind (tantra/kink) to be able to apply?

In all our xperiences no previous level of expertise is required; the only prerequisite is that you seek to use sexuality as a tool for personal and/or spiritual growth.

Why your group xperiences are priced different for female or male identified beings?

Prices choice are purely based on economical demand. Our past xperiences have taught us that it is more easier to attend this events as male identified beings in contrary to female or non-binary identified beings. We want to make the entrance barrier even easier for those hesitant and reduce the prices for them. Our strive is to have a representative group of beings from all gender orientations and balance it out through ticket prices.


Is this a substitute therapy?

No. This is a coaching session, which means that we actively listen to your personal state of being and from there we guide you towards your liberated self, either by asking the right questions or giving you advise how to move from here. We inspire by sharing personal growth edges and experiences, and can be seen as your new best friend who helps you to empower yourself to sexuality.

What makes you qualified to offer such sessions?

Conscious Kink as a vehicle for personal growth is a pioneering field, one that we walk humbly yet evolving as we go. Unfortunately, there is not a Conscious Kink university, so all our accumulated knowledge derives from different disciplines (Tantra, Yoga, study of wellbeing and somatic trauma release), personal experiences and witnessing others' growth. To find our about our journey, please read more here. We combine several years of experience in consulting and coaching in both corporate and private environments.

How many sessions do I need to solve an issue?

This varies between individuals and differs from process to process, so there is no definite answer. What we propose is to support your growth/healing process, thus we recommend a minimum of three sessions.

Is there anything that i need to prepare?

Prior to a session, we recommend that you reflect on your intention and find centre and calmness within. Have your journal so that you can note down important thoughts/realisations. Online clients should find a quiet, comfortable quiet setting with a strong internet connection.

What are the tools that you use in a session?

This is an outline of our most used tools to help you grow into your perfection:

  • Conscious communication skills: self-inquiry, non-violent communication, conscious kink vocabulary
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Breath-work
  • Journaling
  • Collage and Visualisations
  • Role plays
  • Moving beyond comfort zones
  • Boundary identification tools in alignment with head, heart, guts and sex
  • Advice and guidance on how to integrate different BDSM elements in your relationship


Do I/we need to prepare anything before the retreat?

Once you spot have been confirmed, we will provide further details including a packing list to help you prepare for our retreat.

Will there be sexual interactions?

We hope so! We will create space and mood for this to happen, however everything is an invitation and any sexual interaction is at your own discernment. If you decide not go into anything, it will be also a very interesting space to be and a great learning about yourself. FOR COUPLES Sexual interactions with others seperate or together is completely at your own discretion.

I am attending with my partner, will we stay together throughout the retreat in all proposed exercises?

BliXX Couples Retreat is specifically designed for couples who want to stay, learn and play together for the entire week. We won´t encourage changing partners during workshop and rituals here, however we always want to give the largest amount of freedom so event in the context of this retreat, a couple can chose to interact with other couple or switch partners during the workshops or/and free time. In BliXX Level 1 Retreat, everything is an invitation and you decide, for each one of the proposed sexercises, if you wish to remain only with your partner or switch partners. In both cases, please discuss beforehand your boundaries in this context and navigate through possible scenarios to attain best experience of this sensitive challenge. This is in no way a must, as stated above all is an invitation and you are the creators of this xperience.

Is this retreat only for heterosexual beings?

All genders and sexual orientations are equally welcome in our BliXX Level 1 and Couples retreats.

How can I convince my partner to come along and invest in this retreat?

A common issue among our couple clients that while one is ready to challenge, transform and evolve, the other can be resistant or more reluctant towards it. To invest in your relationship does not mean anything is wrong with you and your partner. It is the opposite, in fact. It is more an investment in the relationship - walking deeper, closer and with more fire and passion towards each other. If there is anything truly worth an investment in this existence, it is a deep, healthy and passionate relationship with your partner. A fulfilling relationship bring personal balance, strength, pleasure and radiance that benefits us on a personal level, as well as mutually. If your partner is less enthusiastic than you about participating, the following guidelines may be of help when discussing the issue: - Assure them your motivation. Make it clear that this is not to fix the relationship but it is about growing and rising in your container. - Complement your partner on all the qualities you love about them and your relationship with them and clear out possible fears. - Make sure to express your own vulnerabilities in wanting to attend this retreat. - Share your reasons for wanting to attend the retreat. Let your partner know exactly why you want to come. It may turn out that they become excited about the idea of attending in order to help you achieve your desires. - Help your partner see the benefits for them in attending this retreat. You know your partner best; maybe they've been wanting to pursue certain experiences that you haven't felt comfortable with. Could this intimate retreat be an opportunity for them to explore new territory together? If you need further guidance in this, please reach out to us. We are here to support you in this!

I am interested but I find it expensive, can I work with you without paying so much?

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in a human body. It is so powerful that even creates a new human body. To master it by yourself and even better with a partner comes with a lot of empowerment and wellbeing benefits. And this is something that is worth to invest in. If you add luxury accommodation, small group for maximum attention, locally sourced meals prared by a master chef, and a group of likeminded beings to learn and network, it is really a no brainer. But, this is not only a play pleasure holidays, it is an investment in your self-love and self-development and / or your relationship that will pay back with radiance, health, depth, knowledge and power. We do offer great xperiences at a more affordable rate but nothing goes as deep and nourishing as these retreats. Try a shorter xperience to start with and we are sure you will find huge value and then a way to save for the retreat. Retreats are truly transformative and the kind of investment that always pay off with a leveled-up version of ourselves.

Do I/we need to have previous experiences in Tantra or Kink?

It can be helpful, but it by no means is essential. The only ingredients are an interest/curiosity in improving your (sex) life and a willingness to use sexuality as a vehicle for personal growth.

How many play-souls attend to your retreats?

In BliXX Level 1 retreat we will be a group of maximum 22 beings plus the facilitators and supporters (total max. 26) In the Couple retreat the location hosts a maximum of 6 couples, so an intimate group of max. 14 souls including facilitators and supporters

Do I need to be afraid of catching Sexual Tramsitted Infections (STIs)?

All sexual encounters hold a certain risk of STIs. In BliXX, however, we provide everything for you to navigate and proceed at the highest level of safety. This includes providing condoms, gloves and plastic foil for safe oral sex. It is up to the individual to decide what degree of safety they wish to bring to the space. If you want to get more information upon STI - please subscribe to our free e-book on "Safer Sex". We will recommend a STI check-up before (no longer than a month in advance) the retreat to release ghosts in your mind and to clear any fears/obstacles that will impede the ability to connect.

Can I participate in your retreat if I have a Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI)?

Yes, you can. We have a policy of being open about our STIs and not keeping them secret, whether out of shame and cowardice or simply not understanding how they may be passed on. Transparency is key so everybody can act from a space of knowledge and freedom. For the participation on this retreat, an STI test is MANDATORY. If you happen to be positive on something, we ask you to gather all the information available around the infection: risks, how to improve the condition or heal, how it passes, how to reduce the risk of passing, etc. and act responsible and transparent around that. In this retreat we will go through many different ways to connect intimate with other beings that don’t involve any risk or fluid exchanges.

We are a couple, are we allowed to participate in BliXX Level 1 Retreat?

Yes you are! And you can chose if you want to stay with your partner or experiment with other people. BliXX Couples Retreat is specifically designed for couples who want to stay, learn and play together for the entire week. We won´t encourage changing partners during workshop and rituals here, however we always want to give the largest amount of freedom so even in the context of this retreat, a couple can chose to interact with other couple or switch partners during the workshops or/and free time.

What is the cancellation policy?

You find the full cancellation and refund plicy in our Term&Conditions. The deposit is non-refundable except in case we discern a non-fit of the applicant. The policy is as follows: Up to 90 days prior to the retreat -- full refund except deposit Up to 30 days prior to the retreat -- 50 % refund Up to 14 days prior to the retreat -- 10 % refund No refund for cancellation in the last 13 days before the xperience

BliXX Breathwork+

What are the benefits of BliXX Biohacks Breathwork+?

BODY LEVEL + Process and release stuck energies + Balance of the nervous system + Stress is reduced + Red cells creating for an increased cardiovascular health + Increased stamina and physical endurance + Body inflammation reduction MIND LEVEL + Process and release of old patterns + New beliefs installation to help you get where you want to be + Increased mind clarity: Better productivity and decision making + Mental resilience + Positive thinking comes easy due to higher vibrational state EMOTIONAL LEVEL + Increased confidence and self-esteem + Better access to “positive” emotions + "Negative" emotions move easily, without getting stuck SPIRIT LEVEL + Feeling of Oneness + Divine downloads + Meditative states of consciousness are easily accessible WHOLE + Increased mind-body-spirit connection + Realization of how body affects emotions, mind and soul. Mind affects emotions, body and soul and soul affects emotions, mind and body + General well-being + Merge with Higher Self

How can I experience BliXX Breathwork+?

BliXX Breathwork+ are online zoom meetings in the early morning (if you are in Europe). We have chosen that schedule for you to receive the most benefits from the practice. Please sign up in our next xperience session for a suitable day. We are looking forward to meeting you there <3

What is BliXX Breathwork+ used for and how does it work?

This section will be filled shortly

How is BliXX Breathwork+ different from other breathing techniques?

BliXX Breathwork+ is a holistic system around breathwork. In comparison to other breathwork techniques the focus lies on channeling our sexual energy into achieving higher levels of our being. Most of the breathworks out there are designed to release old energies and patterns through a cathartic experience. We don´t focus on releasing but more on channeling that energy towards a greater good. BliXX Breathwork+ includes the core pranayama techniques that have the most scientific evidence to support their functions.

How do I prepare for a BliXX Breathwork+ session?

Please wear comfortable clothes. We have our music specially produced for the session, so make sure you have a device to hear it. Best is to do the breathwork exercises on an empty stomach - thus also the schedule of the time of the day. Please have some water beforehand. You can also do it 1-2 hours before eating a full meal. Please refrain from doing it right after food as this can lead to disturbances in your energy system as most of the energy is used for digestion in your body.

How can I continue with this exercise?

The biggest benefits received from BliXX Breathwork+ is through continuous practice. To make this easy and free in your own timing to do for you, we have created an audio file for you to practice by yourself in your own timing. At the moment, the audio is not online but please send us an email if you seek to purchase that.

How does it affect my health?

BliXX Breathwork+ is designed to affect your health very positively! After a few sessions your nervous system will be balanced, your stress will be reduced and your capacity to handle it should be increased. The breathing enhances new red cells production and general cardiovascular health. Body inflammation will be reduced too leading to a better over health. You will aso notice a boost on your confidence and self-esteem, increased mind clarity, better productivity and clear decision making.

What are the contraindications of BliXX Biohacks Breathwork+?

+ Severe hypertension or heart disease

+ Epilepsy, pacemakers or heart arrhythmias

+ Pregnancy

+ Menstruation

+ Strong viral diseases or infections

+ Chronic diseases presenting symptoms of decompensation

+ Cancer

+ Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

If you present any of the above, kindly refrain from performing BliXX Breathwork+. For further information, kindly send us an email: to@xperienceblixx.com

Is BliXX Biohacks Breathwork+ dangerous?

If learned properly the techniques of BliXX Breathwork+ are very safe. The breath retention should be avoid by people who have severe hypertension or heart disease. Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid the retentions too. There is no risk of hyperventilation or an overdose of oxygen in the body that could lead to toxic damage and an overload of stress. BliXX Breathwork+ uses a gentle, rhythmical breathing technique that allows more oxygen to enter into the areas needed without harming cells from oxidative stress.