Definition of terms and mutual understanding

  1. This legal disclaimer applies to all xperiences including events, workshops, retreats, individual sessions and coaching sessions, offered by BliXX to any individual or organisation. The receivers of our services are henceforth referred to as participants.

  2. The term 'coaching' includes life coaching, personal coaching, transformational coaching, mentoring or supervision services and advices to our participants in accordance with and to the best interest of their individual personal development strategy.

  3. While our xperiences are a place of nurturing for body, mind and soul and of healing, they cannot be viewed as a substitute for any psychological therapy. If you are in therapy or use any medication, please share this honestly and openly with us beforehand. This will not necessarily exclude you from participation, but needs to be transparently discussed to evaluate appropriate support in the process.

  4. In return for the fees payable by the client, BliXX agrees to provide the service as outlined and in alignment with this legal disclaimer. With the payment of the deposit the participants constitute acceptance of this legal disclaimer. 


We hold your privacy at the highest regard and will not disclose any personal information from our xperiences to third parties. Scenarios might be shared for promoting our xperiences, however never with a direct link to you personally, or anything that could ever be connected with you. An exception to that is everything that is consensually agreed when it comes to social media links and tags. Please read more about our privacy policy.

Responsibility and self-responsibility

  1. All actions and engagements as well as their intensity are determined by the participant (dominating from the bottom). The participant decides consciously and consensually what level he/she wishes to experience and is aware of potential risks. BliXX does not take any liability for physical, mental or energetic harm during or after an xperience. If boundaries where crossed we asked for transparency and honesty, as the respect of boundaries is of utmost importance to us to maintain a safer container. 

  2. In the free flow activities the facilitators reserve the right to participate themselves and be seen and treated in the same way as all participants. 

  3. Obliging the rules of the space: prior to our xperiences, you will be sent detailed information via email. It is compulsory that this information is read and watched. Our intention is to meet on a mutual field of understanding, thus we ask participants to acquaint themselves with the rules of the space prior to attending.

  4. If the aforementioned rules of the space are breached or ignored, BliXX retains the right to remove participants from the space immediately and permanently, and without any obligation to refund (for example: non-consensual intimate touch, overstepping of boundaries, alcohol or drugs use, etc.).

  5. We recommend that all participants are tested for STIs on a 3-months or half-yearly basis, depending on the frequency of changing sex partners.  We provide with everything that is needed to navigate our space (STI) safely. Ultimately, each participant decides on his/her own responsibility to take sexual risks. In any case BliXX won't be liable if a participant gets infected in our premises or xperiences. 

  6. Participants are fully in charge of their actions and, as such, are responsible for any damage. If you break or misuse toys (BliXX property or those of others) or cause damage to the venue, we retain the right to ask you for financial or physical reimbursement.

  7. BliXX is not responsible for any loss or damage of any objects brought into the space, including sex toys, cloths, jewellery, etc.

Refunds and cancellation

For all our xperiences the following is applicable:

  1. Paid deposits are used for venues expenses and will not be refunded. We thank you for your understanding.

  2. If an application is rejected from our side, we are not obliged to give a deeper explanation about it. This is the only case where we will refund your deposit.

  3. Cancellation of retreat participation only till 30 days before the retreat starts. Refunds (except deposit see before mentioned 1.) will be granted.

  4. Tickets to our xperiences (except for VIP xperiences) can be transferred to others . Further, tickets can be sold to others for the same (or lower) price as the ticket was acquired, never above this price. 



Coaching sessions

  1. In the on-boarding interview there will be a discussion and determination of the services (tools and techniques, coaching style, etc.) that will be involved in the individual session.

  2. The frequency of VIP xperiences will be assessed in the beginning and is based on the participant's personal growth potentials, goals, desires and boundaries. This schedule is not binding and may be altered and adjusted throughout the individual journey by mutual agreement, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.

  3. Any feedback during and after the scheduled sessions is welcomed and encouraged by BliXX as to improve and maintain outstanding VIP xperiences in alignment with individual's needs. 

  4. The costs for venue of a VIP xperience need to be covered by the participant.

  5. The number of sessions will be agreed at the start. Where no specific number is agreed sessions will be provided on a session by session basis. Due to the nature of coaching, the initial term usually recommended is three sessions.  Full payment for the first session is due before or at the first session. Additional sessions can be booked thereafter.

  6. Coaching sessions will take place face-to-face (venue by mutual agreement), online, or by telephone (participant calls coach). BliXX accepts online and phone conversation within the agreed scheduled timings. 

  7. There might be tasks or exercises assigned to complete between sessions. There is no obligation on the participant to complete these tasks, but not doing so may slow the participant's progress in achieving desired outcomes. Where possible, participants are requested to submit any information requested by BliXX relating to assignments at least 24 hours before the session when they are to be discussed. BliXX will provide feedback on completed assignments during coaching sessions.



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