BliXX Resources: Sex Positive Education – “The Art of Tantric Kink" with Luna & Sanya

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

BliXX mission is to help beings to expand and grow though sexuality and with that purpose we invite the world’s best teachers and facilitators to offer their best eCourses on our website.

Today we are honored to host Luna and Sanya with their course “The Art of Tantric Kink” on our RESOURCES: Sex Positive Education section.

Sanya, from and Luna from are two fellow sisters and dear colleagues from Berlin and Koh Phangan. We feel we have a lot in common with both of them on a personal and professional level. We are all travellers, live a life of intensity and work with that intersection between Tantra and BDSM, called Conscious Kink.

Sanya Alaya works as a sexual empowerment coach and somatic life coach. She specialises on tantric body work like de-armouring and Yoni mapping. She also gives workshops around the topic of tantric kink. Currently, she is based in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Luna Agneya is originally from Australia. She has lived in Berlin and Bali among other places in Asia, Europe and Australia. She was a performer in the adult industry and then, she moved into running events mixing Kink and Shibari with Ecstatic Dance. After that, she started to organize temple parties, workshops and the Sensual Arts Retreat. Last year, she launched her first online course called Sensual Ropes and nowadays she is focused on bringing Sensual Arts School online.

Sanya's and Luna's Journeys

At some point, Sanya developed an autoimmune diseases called Hashimoto and fibromyalgia so she was obliged to look deeper into herself for healing. She realized that her own body was reacting to the trauma of her childhood. These traumatic emotions and memories, which are often not worked out, started to manifest on discomfort and diseases. It was really powerful for her to start using her sexuality to express herself. By doing so, she felt very creative and free. She explored Kink and BDSM, felt so much liberation and slowly she stated to become more herself and resolved some trauma. Back then, she did not know what she was doing exactly but it worked; it helped her to make her realize who she is and who she isn’t.

Sanya also expressed that ‘engaging the body’ is the most important part of her journey. She had been in a lot of therapy when she was younger and felt that she might have solved it with her head. This approach is incomplete because the cells of the body keep the memories so we need to involve the body in the healing process. For her, working holistically with both the mind and the body together is where the magic happens and healing unfolds.

Luna has lived many lives; adult industry performer, DJ, stripper, CEO, punk & raver before becoming a sensuality professional; conducting festivals, workshops, retreats and going into coaching. All these stages of her life affected her today as a teacher by giving her a broader perspective in life. To experience different realities and ways to interact in this world has been liberating and mind opening for her. Being on this journey challenges social norms and conditionings.

She also shared her challenges with drug usage, depression and her poor personal health with chronic illnesses. According to her, it was a slow process, and like Sanya experienced, getting to know the body changes everything. Breathwork, somatic work and anything that helps primary release in the body changes everything. Sometimes it still comes up, it is not completely gone, but the change has been incredible.

It was really empowering to hear them talking about the journey and challenges that they have been into, and finding healing by taking responsibility of their body and emotions holistically.

Sex Positive Education because...

Sanya says that when we start to heal our sexuality, we can experience so much freedom. It’s about reconnecting to pleasure, not making pain the focus of life. It is not about searching peak experiences of pleasure but finding it in the little things, even beyond sexuality.

Luna added that the reason why people act out and do horrific things or hurt each other all comes down to trauma, especially in the area of relating with others. With regards to trauma, we lack the knowledge and have terrible examples as teenagers, so a lot of us traumatize ourselves before we even become adults; and as adults we continue to act in these re-traumatizing patterns. So many issues come from the trauma around relating and sexuality, manifested often as a shadow, thus many act in toxic ways in the world. If we can all go to that core, we can break the cycles of trauma and be more embodied, more connected, more able to build intimacy with other people it expands to all the areas, even climate change. If people are satisfied and have amazing relationship and intimacy, they won’t be endlessly consuming all bullshit that pollute the Earth.

On the question of how do they see sex positive education impacting the world as a whole, they explained that if people are embodied in their power, then they’re not going to be controlled and manipulated. People are nourished, connected to their essence and free of shame and this gives them the chance to interact with reality in a completely different way.

With the education around sex positivity, there will be an education around consent and boundaries as well, which means tapping into knowing your NO’s and being able to say YES. On a bigger scale, this means everybody will be able to speak for themselves and honour themselves for who they truly are.

Another benefit would be the empathy for others. When you start the ‘self-knowing’ process, you start to feel more empathy and less judgments because the things that you see in others are probably things you have found in yourself as well.

More about their collaborative online course The Art of Tantric Kink

The course explains and works a lot on the intersection of both worlds which they find complimentary even if mainstream might perceive them as opposite.

They shared it is about using Kink and Tantra as tools of liberation and to connect with yourself and other people. They go into NeoTantra practices but also trying to keep the original idea of Tantra being a path towards liberation, awakening and consciousness. They invite participants to use kink practices to liberate themselves from shame, judgement and dualistic perspectives.

In addition, our invited experts told us more of their own experience in dealing with shame and how did they find the liberation from it. Sanya shared that she did not experience much shame but she found liberation in meeting the kinky community and be able to really live her desires. The embodiment of her fantasies, improved her physical health conditions.

Luna explained how to be witnessed in full surrender while being tied on a conscious kink party was very liberating. She was already a stripper by then but that time was not about performing, but about her own pleasure. Being observed on that state helped her to own her pleasure and feel free and integrated.

In the course they talk about that, about the identities we create about ourselves and how they are separated and some of them are in the shadow (for example someone can identify with the “performer” but acts in the shadow of the “whore”).

Who benefits from the course

They shared that is a suitable course for all genders, age, singles and couples. It is for those who are interested in having tools to make Kink more conscious, and that way to have a deeper connection with their play partner. For those into Tantra who might want to tap into the shadow part of themselves. It is also for those who practice neither Kink nor Tantra as the course covers the basics of consent, trauma awareness and basics exercises.

By engaging in this online course, the participant will

- become comfortable in expressing one’s self and to be confident with who they are.

- be able to build intimate connections, allowing to be seen and to be able to see someone else.

- have a lot of fun and learn creative ideas around how to explore and play with their sexuality and how to apply them to other aspects in their life.

- walk away with practical tools and techniques on how to do Kink safely and properly.

When you hear “BliXX”, what comes to your mind?

Luna: Koh Phangan and the Third Eye Boob Bomb Opener by PriestessA

Sanya: A lot of fun and beautiful simplicity. Simply amazing, sisters, colleagues.

What is the single thing that allows you to feel more BliXX?

Luna: Bringing all the awareness into the body sensations and just being there. Sanya: Feeling me, go inside and drop into my heart and pussy and feel the tingling and aliveness there.

Thank you be_love_d folks!