BliXX Resources: Sex Positive Education – “The Art of Tantric Kink" with Luna & Sanya

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

BliXX mission is to help beings to expand and grow though sexuality and with that purpose we invite the world’s best teachers and facilitators to offer their best eCourses on our website.

Today we are honored to host Luna and Sanya with their course “The Art of Tantric Kink” on our RESOURCES: Sex Positive Education section.

Sanya, from and Luna from are two fellow sisters and dear colleagues from Berlin and Koh Phangan. We feel we have a lot in common with both of them on a personal and professional level. We are all travellers, live a life of intensity and work with that intersection between Tantra and BDSM, called Conscious Kink.

Sanya Alaya works as a sexual empowerment coach and somatic life coach. She specialises on tantric body work like de-armouring and Yoni mapping. She also gives workshops around the topic of tantric kink. Currently, she is based in Berlin.