Sex Positive Education – “An initiation to the Wonders of the Jade Egg” with Hilary Kimball

Empowerment is a goal among women especially in our modern times. Women are now encouraged to be embodied, self-reliant, to speak up and to appreciate femininity more than ever before. It is time to attain holistic healing and acknowledge the wonders of attaining a pleasurable life.

In line with this, we invited Hilary Kimball to our Sex Positive Education series to talk about her 7-weeks program which she called, “An initiation to the wonders of the Jade Egg”. Hilary is an International Sex Empowerment Coach for women, encouraging her students to feel and know their female body, whose ultimate mission is to spread ‘pussy love’ all over the planet. Hilary thinks that her work, in the long run, will be a way to reclaim