Sex Positive Education – “An initiation to the Wonders of the Jade Egg” with Hilary Kimball

Empowerment is a goal among women especially in our modern times. Women are now encouraged to be embodied, self-reliant, to speak up and to appreciate femininity more than ever before. It is time to attain holistic healing and acknowledge the wonders of attaining a pleasurable life.

In line with this, we invited Hilary Kimball to our Sex Positive Education series to talk about her 7-weeks program which she called, “An initiation to the wonders of the Jade Egg”. Hilary is an International Sex Empowerment Coach for women, encouraging her students to feel and know their female body, whose ultimate mission is to spread ‘pussy love’ all over the planet. Hilary thinks that her work, in the long run, will be a way to reclaim the Female Sexual Energy until the body starts to light up from inside out. And when that happens, people will start to live a life that’s just more joyful and pleasurable, and a lot more aligned with what they are meant to be doing here in this lifetime.

Hilary thinks that most of the issues of the world right now has something to do with the unbalanced masculine energy which has become destructive and the way that we all treat the feminine side of us, whether we are ignoring and neglecting it or whether we are celebrating, honoring and treating it as Sacred, also reflects on how we treat the feminine outside of us on a societal level; on how we treat the Planet, on how we live and love, or on how we raise our children.

Most women in the world are shut down physically, emotionally and mentally, not knowing what they want or need as a woman. In addition to this, they are settling for less like their desires and wants would not matter to them that much. This unworthiness that many women have is like an epidemic in some ways. On the other hand, empowered women have started to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies, not only to get pleasure, but just because the female body holds so much space for intuition, wisdom, guidance, love and connection. All of the stuff that we’re holding as women like the past wounds and the traumas start to bubble up to the surface and the healing and empowerment process happens.

Next, Hilary explains how the Jade Egg will contribute to this transformation. According to her, the Yoni Egg is an amazing holistic tool that covers physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects. Females start by asking their vaginas if they want to receive the egg and by doing this, they are actually checking with their desires and boundaries on that moment. Many women reported that only this process promotes massive healing because many of them have been entered not consensually either by their partner, by themselves or by a toy. This process of going slowly, of listening to the body is almost like letting the yoni wisdom to have the driving seat.

On the physical level, the Jade Egg helps in toning and strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor bringing blood, hormonal and energy flow to the vagina. When we have stronger muscles and a stronger connection with sexuality, the sensation starts to build like coming alive from inside out. Working with the egg for quite some time, the person will notice differences in her pleasure and in her orgasmic abilities.

Furthermore, Hilary shared with us some sneak peeks about her amazing 7-week course (Starting on November 18, 2020) called ‘An initiation to the wonders of the Jade Egg’ in helping women with their transformation process. She said that this will begin slowly with giving women a lot of warm up practices. These are basic feminine self-care practices like breast massage, or ‘heart-womb breaths’ which will make a huge difference on the connection with the female body. Another area are the ‘grounding and balancing practices’, which are designed to ground the energy, to purify it and refine it.

This program has seven modules in total, composing of different topics such as learning how to connect with the Jade Egg without having it inside the body, A beginner’s practice in using the Jade Egg, Healing Practices, Sexual Awakening Practices, A practice for Cleansing either past lovers, belief systems or anything in the body or sexuality that people are completely ready to release. Each module is themed after a particular topic, it is designed to be done in seven weeks. Hilary will guide via zoom and a replay will be uploaded on the online portal.

Moreover, there will be a video every week introducing the practice and some journaling questions. Also, there is a Facebook group available so that other women can interact with each other, it gives women not only a way to connect with each other, but also to support each other and to talk about sexuality to start to feel that there’s a community around topics like this.

When you hear “BliXX”, what comes to your mind?

Sexy and mysterious

What is the single thing that allows you to feel more BliXX?

Massaging the outside of my yoni for my own sexuality and my own pleasure

Thank you, Hilary!