“Happy Ass, Happy you”,

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Yesterday I attended to the “bum-tastic” event “Sex Talk”, organised by Iamsexuality in Amsterdam. It was a delight for mind, butt and spirit and inspired me to share some insights combined with my own ass wisdom.

The anus is the seat of our root chakra (in Sanskrit: muladhara). When energy flows freely in our anus we feel more connected to earth, more sense of belonging, more rooted and grounded within ourselves. It is also the centre of trust. Trust in life, trust in others, and most important trust in ourselves.

In the ass there lie answers on how we navigate life. Usually, beings who are super stressed in their lives or present anxious personalities tend to have a very tight anus and walk around with a constantly clenched anus muscle. Deep relaxation in life can be gained through a release of all the tension in our ass.

Therefore, I invite you to consciously relax your anus muscle when you exhale. Let go of any clenching, tightening, or holding your muscles. Any sort of anal play will help further, to find relaxation and release all the tension: from massage, plugs, or penetration, let it go and allow your ass to make you calmer.

The big question is, if there is so much relaxation and golden benefits for our wellbeing through release of all tensions in the anus, why is it still such a taboo to play with the anus and freely talk about it?

The three biggest obstacles that are holding many beings back from releasing and pleasuring the butt are:

  • Concerns about cleanliness