My sexual imprint – Alpha Submissive

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Every single person is this planet has his very own unique sexual expression(s). Then, there are groups of people who have similar patterns. An easy example outside sexuality are our eyes. Everybody has their own iris which is totally unique for that particular person and then, we can group those into colors shades, shapes, etc.

My sexual expressions are very vast. I like to switch, embody different energies and archetypes and experience it all because it allows me to try myself in different settings, situations and environment. It comes with a lot of growth, understanding and expansion. Conscious sexuality is my personal path to growth, evolution and connection with the Divine. I enjoy different people, energies and kinky practices and my energy expresses and polarizes very different depending on who I have in front. Said that, I do recognize a certain expression as my main turn-on that takes me to my maximum BliXX.

I am an Alpha Submissive. That means I am an Alpha Woman in life and a Submissive Woman in the bedroom.