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My sexual imprint – Alpha Submissive

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Every single person is this planet has his very own unique sexual expression(s). Then, there are groups of people who have similar patterns. An easy example outside sexuality are our eyes. Everybody has their own iris which is totally unique for that particular person and then, we can group those into colors shades, shapes, etc.

My sexual expressions are very vast. I like to switch, embody different energies and archetypes and experience it all because it allows me to try myself in different settings, situations and environment. It comes with a lot of growth, understanding and expansion. Conscious sexuality is my personal path to growth, evolution and connection with the Divine. I enjoy different people, energies and kinky practices and my energy expresses and polarizes very different depending on who I have in front. Said that, I do recognize a certain expression as my main turn-on that takes me to my maximum BliXX.

I am an Alpha Submissive. That means I am an Alpha Woman in life and a Submissive Woman in the bedroom.

It might sound a contradiction. I am strong, independent, successful and I have a lot of direction and masculine-yang-giving energy in my personal life and at the same time I crave to let go of control and relax into my true feminine-yin-receiving energy in sexual encounters.

And I can only be submissive to other Alpha beings. If the person I have in front is weak or cannot read my body properly, I either lose my sexual attraction or automatically jump into dominating them.

Many women are naturally very ying and submissive in all aspects of life… but not me. I run two different business while travelling the world and this requires to be assertive and in control most of the time so I really crave to relinquish control over a strong, confident Top. This allows me relief from constantly being in charge and decision making.

This is a contradiction that many people don’t get…that submission is a conscious act of escapism from my own “public”persona or the personality I had to construct to manifest my chosen life.

I see this dynamic very clear playing on my own BliXX Journeys play parties. Most of the people who approach me to initiate something with me can see my strength and natural dominant aura and they want to get dominated by me which is almost never my highest sexual excitement at that point of the night when I have been leading the event the whole day. It is most of the time a total incompatibility.

On the other side, weak Doms and vanilla males have told me that I am not really feminine in my energy or submissive enough. This is simply because my confidence surpasses theirs. They are not able to recognize that contradiction (gentleman/supportive of us and our careers in public and bossy/dominant in the bedroom) and be put me on that place I want and need to be. It really requires a strong Alpha person to take the lead in a way I feel they know what are they doing and I can really let go and surrender.

Surrender is ultimately a gift that I can only offer when I fully trust. And insecurities are untrustable.

The raise of feminism and empowered women in society has been not only good but necessary, however when it comes to the bedroom, my experience has been that it has misplaced the natural instinct of male beings to give and take, leaving them scared of breaking the new societal norms with their speech and/or their actions.

We, Alpha Femmes, are strong, confident, beautiful, successful, wealthy, free and smart. Weaker people simply cannot handle us. Weak and immature fellas feel scared of our power, inadequate, jealous, intimidated or uncomfortable with not being the center of attention which made the run away, cheat, lie or remove themselves emotionally and with that we all lose any chance of sexual compatibility and depth.

Strong Tops know how to make me feel sexy, beautiful, cherished and how allow me to shine and be strong, confident, dominant, decisive in public and, at the same time, push me to my femenine-ying-receptive pole in the bedroom, devouring any little piece of my mind and body without being scared of going deep or any strong emotions.

Strong Tops can understand and feel turned-on with that duality of me having armor on the outside in order to navigate the world mechanics, and at the same time see further and the challenge of helping me to surrender and be deeply soft on the inside.

Strong Tops provide with a Sacred Emotional Sanctuary from the outside world and in return…they get Everything.


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