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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

BliXX mission is to help beings to expand and grow though sexuality and with that purpose we invite the world’s best teachers and facilitators to offer their best eCourses on our website.

Today we welcome Lin Holmquist with her course “A Life in Pleasure” on our RESOURCES: Sex Positive Education section.

Lin Holmquist is a Swedish Tantra expert who travels the world offering her gifts. She spent the last 20 years on her inner journey discovering personal development through different disciplines like mental training, hypnosis and everything related to the expansion of consciousness. She worked as a Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist until she found her main path which is Tantra.

Lin's Journey

A huge part of her work focuses on ‘pleasure’. In this interview, Lin shared her journey with us, starting how she has not always been able to feel pleasure as much as she does now. Ten years ago, she had a powerful energetic transmission experience that suddenly made her feel extreme pleasure. She started to experience spontaneous orgasms, especially waking up early in the morning with her body dancing and fully orgasming in bed. This is how she came to understand that her capability to feel pleasure was tremendous.

She also discovered that one of the factors of feeling this extreme pleasure was to be true to herself. There was a part of her life when she felt she pushed herself a lot, that she wasn’t really true to her own desires or needs and behaved in a way to fulfil other people’s wishes and expectations. This happened in family context as well as in her love relationships. It was all about performance and being good. And of course, you can feel pleasure in that too, she says, but it’s more the mental pleasure and not so much in the physical body. Knowing that when she is true to herself, these blissful physical experiences come more often, she started to research on what pleasure is and what is happening in the body particularly in the nervous system. She realised that there is an amazingly interesting world inside of our body that she has been researching and exploring ever since. The most important learning is that “pleasure is a guide for an eternally happy life”.

Sex Positive Education because...

When asked what is the difference she would like to see in the world through her work, she gets goosebumps just from imaging a world of peace where we are self-sourced in pleasure. Not asking, wishing for or searching for pleasure but instead, ‘taking’ pleasure from every moment with our senses. If we could be self-sourced in pleasure, we will be more loving, satisfied, joyful and have a more positive mind. We will be more creative and relaxed, and of course less angry, triggered, annoyed and less of a pretender. We will be more loving! Lin also sees the world to have such a potential to be a paradise, to be a world in peace. It only takes a small shift within ourselves as to realise that “I am the Source of Existence, and I am the Door to Pleasure”. She wants everyone to wake up and to realise their own potential.

Taking pleasure

When asked if she feels some people experience guilt around pleasure, she explained that there are two paths to pleasure: One path is the ‘wanting’: I want to perform or I want to be good. This is a mental process that gives some kind of pleasure or satisfaction and keeps people motivated. The other path is the ‘liking’, the actual sensation in our bodies; it is about liking what I want. I want to eat and I like to eat. I want to go for a run and I like to run.

People doesn’t necessarily like what they want and they are only living from the ‘wanting’. Then, pleasure will be some kind of a reward in the future which is what keep the motivation. In this space, the idea of “guilty pleasure” can emerge. “What if I have the pleasure without achieving anything?” There is a glimpse of guilt on how someone will see me or asking ourselves if we are really worthy of this pleasure. It comes from an underneath sensation of not being worthy.

More about her online course

Her online course called A Life in Pleasure: Sexual Awakening for Women offers both of these pleasures. It is a journey of approximately three weeks, to take at your pace as you would have unlimited access to the material. There are exercises to do every day including a short yoga class that opens the body; so that it is actually possible to feel more, and to bring you into exercises that are the foundation for energetic orgasm eventually. The intensity of the exercises will be gradually increasing; it’s a journey of discovery what is your truth, your path to pleasure and what do you like. These exercises bring you into the situation where you give yourself this pleasure or you take it from the world around you. There will be strong exercises like: energetic orgasms, sex magic, opening-up the yoni, discovering the breasts, and overall opening to sensuality and sexuality as a being with Vulva.

This is a genius course because you can choose which exercises fits you the best and you can do it as much as you want, or you can have this as an intense journey of 3 weeks to really open the doors to your pleasure.

Who benefits from the course

This particular course is for people with a vulva; however, anyone can do it, but there are instructions about yoni opening and yoni activations. There will be a course coming soon for couples.

By engaging in this online course, the participant will...

Many Vulva-carriers report positive feedback after the course especially when it comes to self-value. Unconscious lack of self-worth manifests on resistance to actually do these exercises, resistance to have a daily practice where they are only focusing on themselves for a while. Once womxn pass through this resistance, they are filled with so much self-love, confidence, pleasure and gratitude towards themselves. The exercises can be done in 20 to 40 min per day and it is just so rewarding to have this little time for ourselves that will pay off in every other area of our lives.

More treats

As a treat during our chat, Lin shared her primary practice which is a self-love or self-touch practice. When she created this course, it was in the peak of the Corona virus, and she was separated from her partner for a long time. She practiced it every day for at least 1 to 2 hours, not to reach a peak, but touching herself to arouse herself, to enhance pleasure, and to dive into this ocean of joy and bliss.

Lastly, Lin shared with us “a secret about sexual energy”. Most people have a projection of sexual energy that is just something about genital contact or masturbation, but it is actually the Source of all Existence. It is the Creative Force itself. It is the Universe or God or whatever you want to call it. In her course, she is guiding you into the deeper knowledge of how we can use our arousal, our horniness or our sexual energy to manifest things; to give us power, motivation and courage. All of these comes from the soul, but also affects our mental and physical levels. There are processes happening inside the body which are essential for our courage, motivation and driving force. When we are having a flourishing and juicy sexual life, we will be more motivated, more creative, and more open and at the same time less negative and less judging. Additionally, if you learn how to work with this sexual energy, you will have a radiance around you, a glow, and a deep satisfaction within yourself that attracts other people. When sexual energy is flowing it changes how we smell. People who feel a lot of pleasure have a lot of oxytocin. This hormone is transmitted from person to person through pheromones or ‘smell particles’ that makes people feel pleasure around you. So if you live a pleasure life and enter a room, your presence will be felt and smelt by other people 😉.

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