I Went to A Tantric Sex Party And This is What I Learned

By K.M. Rayner

Sometimes the universe dishes up unexpected gifts, and sometimes those cosmic offerings will lead you to cradling a grown man like a baby in a weird fuck dungeon and feeling totally chill with it. Welcome, my friends, to the ‘Sacred Dungeon’ that is BliXX and the world of kinky tantra sexuality.

It all started a few months earlier. I’d recently completed my yoga teacher training in India and while the drop-crotch, tie-dyed, factory-farmed yogi vibe wasn’t particularly illuminating, it definitely taught me what I didn’t want. Thankfully, In a fortunate-stroke of serendipity shortly after I returned, I saw a job ad on the sacred spiritual plane of Facebook that practically grabbed me by the hand and pulled me directly into the tantric scene that intrigued me.

It takes a special sort of person to take you from “hmm, this sounds interesting” to letting a stranger truss yo