BliXX Breathwork+ Level 1 - Full Practice



Upon payment, you will get access to a video and an audio.


The video is over an hour long because it includes all the instructions. Once you learn how it works, you don't need to watch it again and the total practice duration is 45 minutes. Please make sure you block this amount of time for your evolution.

BliXX Breathwork+ is a very energizing practice, therefore we recommend to perform it in the morning or before lunch. 

In the video we explain what is Breathwork+, the benefits of all the techniques used and why they work. Then, we explain how to perform them correctly and we demonstrate them slowly for you to learn them easily.

After the theory, we go into practice. Ariane is the guiding voice and Beatriz is the "demo bunny" so you can easy follow the instructions and learn the practice in detail. A complete session consists of shaking, intention setting and consacration, opening the practice with chanting, TWO cicles of breathing, retention and bandhas ending up with a guided gratitude meditation.


There is also a downloadable audio file without the instructions that goes directly to the juice so you can download it on you chosen device and play it in your own timing, in your chosen space.

BliXX Breathwork+ practice will change your well-being. People are comparing it to Ayahuasca sessions and it makes sense because it also releases DMT from your brain giving you clarity around your purpose and a new energetical vibrational state where to get what you want, becomes possible.

Higher levels of energy, health, wellness, alighment, influence and wealth are only a click away! 

BliXX Breathwork+ Level 1 - Full Practice