Slaves wanted? Is that what they are saying? WTF?! YES, YOU ARE READING IT RIGHT...


In BliXX, radical honesty is the name of the game. Being radically honest, means you tell clearly what you’ve done and plan to do, talk openly about your thoughts, and your feelings. It’s this kind of authentic sharing that creates the possibility of love, intimacy and action. 

In communities like yoga ashrams or tantra schools people who pay with time and/or money to work or serve are doing "karma yoga".


In anti-capitalist or new paradigm of relationship based communities this type of exchange is called "volunteering"

In the online world, people who write guest blogs or upload useful information on goodwill basis are "contributors".

So in BliXX, which is a radical honest kinky business we call them "SLAVES". And this is what we are looking for, donators, benefactors, patrons, supporters... Devotees, beings with a spirit of philanthropy who feel a call to serve us in accomplishing our mission to liberate sexuality as a tool for self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

So, if you are one of those feeling to contribute to a cause bigger than you and our mission is aligned with your values, this is how you can be part of BliXX.


Are your blessed with financial abundance and your philanthropic heart jumps when you help someone else to achieve their goals? Do you have so much power in your regular life that you need to balance it out by giving us control over your finances? 

We get you! You want to relief responsibility and give away control and power in the form of financial abundance and we are willing to accept you as our human cash machine and use your hard earned money to grow our Empire and increase our impact in the world. We are all winners here!

We welcome: 

  • direct financial support with or without transparency on the use of the money

  • payment to 3rd parties as our suppliers: IT partners, virtual assistant, office rental, kinky equipment/outfits or others

What you get:

Our full presence & attention, recognition and validation through weekly video calls. In that calls we will be serving you with the following: 

  • blessings and gratitude from QueenB and PriestessA expressed in our very own way

  • the chance to treat us as the Goddesses we are

  • appreciation for supporting an impactful project that changes lives (optional)

  • to be heard and understood

  • your weekly financial budget handling (optional)

  • transparency around how we are using your funds (optional)

  • to be verbally abused, triggered and commanded to perform degrading things (optional)

  • to be controlled and bossed around (optional)

* Of course, all the above is negotiable and all exchanges will be pleasurable for all parties, agree upon and consensual.


Do you have a kinky expertise or kinky utilities (outfits, gears, online courses, etc.) to sell? Would you like to have more visibity among an audience which is specifically interested in your gifts and offerings?

We offer BliXX xperiences as your offline or online platform to share your products and services with the community. 


For kinky services (domination, shibari, impact play, etc):

Join our JOURNEYS and WORKSHOPS as a BliXXstar PRO and offer your skills to the participants during the play party


support us in co-creating our RETREATS as a co-facilitator. 

For kinky products:

Use our BliXX venues as a show-room for your magnificent art and increase your sales through it.


Do you have an amazing online course on any topic around conscious sexuality? Contact us to join our 'coming soon' affiliate program.

Do you sell amazing kinky-tantra products? Sell them through our upcoming shop.

What you get:

  • Access to our global community. Increase your visibility and potential

  • A new channel of sales with a very targeted audience

  • Align your mission with your passion and get paid for it


Do you have experience and passion for holding space and sharing your love? Would you like to come to our xperiences for free in exchange on helping out on-site?

Welcome to our BliXXperts team!


  • You are a female identified being

  • You are a BliXXstar and have attended at least one of our BliXX Journeys in the past

  • You have experience on holding space and a healing, uplifting aura



  • Total working time: around 4 hours/day

  • Sacred Dungeon set-up, participants registration, welcoming, one hour shift during the free flow play-field and tear down the venue.

What you get:

  • Free entrance to our Journeys and Workshops

  • Access to our 'Recommend & Earn' scheme: Bring a friend to BliXX and earn 20% from his xperience purchase .


Do you have a couple of hours daily spared to dedicate to the awakening of humanity through sexuality? Do you want to know all details around how BliXX works from the inside out and earn useful business skills?

We are working hard and doing well but a hand will help BliXX to grow into the next level and make a bigger impact in the world.


  • Genuine interest on conscious sexuality as a path for personal evolution. Knowledge of the 'conscious communities' language, market, needs, offerings, etc.

  • Ability to handle tasks of very different nature

  • Social Media Marketing skills

  • Blog posts: research, writing, editing skills

  • Administrative and organisational expertise

  • Affiliate marketing knowledge

  • Sales skills

  • Fluent in English in speech and writing

  • Availability of 15 hours per week at our disposal

What you get:

  • Free entrance to ALL our WORKSHOPS and JOURNEYS

  • Free entrance, transportation and accommodation to one of our retreats every year

  • Huge amounts of training and learning

  • Chance to get a full-time paid position and career progression. We are just starting...